Nicolas Saignac Boxe Française Savate Seminar

We are starting the New Year out with an AMAA favorite seminar, Boxe Française Savate with the highest ranking Savate instructor in the Unites States, and long time AMAA friend Professor Nicolas Saignac, this Saturday 10am – 4pm.

This is a very SPECIAL opportunity that does not come often. Come and train with the highest ranking Savate instructor in the United States. 

ALL levels and complete beginners are welcome.

Nicolas Saignac started his study of Savate in 1983; after years of training under the guidance of Franco DiGuglielmo, one of France’s best coaches, he reached the final of the French Cup in 1987 and won the title the following year. After competing for six years in Savate as well as in Boxing, he retired from the ring to focus on teaching, coaching, judging and refereeing.

Professor Saignac holds teaching credentials from the Ministry of Sports in Savate and Boxing.

He also holds a Silver Glove 2nd degree, the highest Savate rank in the US. He has had the honor to teach Savate Kickboxing with a strong emphasis on ring tactics at the internationally famous Inosanto Academy for several years.

Nicolas has authored Savate instructional videos, and many articles in martial arts magazines and remain a leading authority on the art in the United States.


  • All levels and backgrounds are welcome.
  • The art is ideal to pair with your Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do, MMA and Self Defense training.
  • Learn incredible kicking and footwork techniques, combinations and unique mobility drills.



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