WKA – Team AMAA Takes 17 Muay Thai and 18 Brazilian JiuJitsu medals, plus the 198 pound USA MMA Championship Belt!

Congratulations!!!! We are so proud and impressed by the heart and dedication of all
the AMAA fighters that competed in the WKA North American Championship this weekend. By far the biggest and best team AMAA has ever had. We went 17-1-1 in Muay Thai and Glory Kickboxing, took home Gold and Silver in 4 weight divisions, with a total of 7 KOs. Both of our girls won gold in their divisions!!!

We now have the new 198 pound USA MMA Champion, he will be fighting for the world title later this year in Italy.


The BJJ guys destroyed it with 18 medals including gold, silver, and bronze.

Thank you fighters and competitors, coaches, teammates, and training partners and especially our entire AMAA student body – your on going support is key to everyone’s success. This week will post pictures and play by plays of some of the amazing standouts, as well as a full break down on our newsletter – stay tuned!!!

The Team #TeamAMAA (A-Team)

teamAll life is a chance, so take it! The person who goes furthest is the one who is willing to do and dare.

Najeeb Jones: Gold medalist and Belt Holder Open Class 198lbs Nens’ MMA Champion 2-0 with 2 KOs

1526778_730737300291506_1296290506_nNajeeb Jones won the WKA MMA North American Tournament. This was a huge win and his first MMA fight. Najeeb’s first opponent was stopped quick with a 45 second KO in the first round. Najeeb then took on a second opponent who was 4-1 but, clearly stopped him in his tracks with a series of punching from the mount, 2 minutes into round two. NEXT STOP for Najeeb is the WKA World MMA Championships later this year. #TeamAMAA #ATeam

Jénel Stevens: Gold medalist | Glory Rules 132lbs Women’s Division 3-0 with 3 KOs
Alex Zavlunova: Gold medalist | Glory Rules 119lbs Women’s Division 3-0

Jénel Stevens and Alex Zavlunova are now both WKA North American Tournament Champions! Jénel won all three of her fights by KO or TKO making her 3-0 with 3 KOs, Alex won all three of her fights with total dominance making her 3-0. Both women completely dedicated themselves to their goals while still maintaining their day jobs, training with the team, and emerging themselves in the process. Their work ethic clearly shows all of us that with the right training and trust, if you want it, you can do anything.


Victor Plajas: Gold medalist | Glory Rules 154lbs Men’s Division 3-0

Shawn Perry Ellis: Silver medalist | Glory Rules 154lbs Men’s Division 2-0

Teador Panterov: Silver medalist | Glory Rules 189lbs Men’s Division 2-1

Jonathan Bianco Muay: Thai Rules | 139lbs Men’s division 2-1 with 2 KOs


Devon Dossantos
176lbs Adult Division
No Gi: Bronze
Gi: Silver

Vimal Bisundial
143lbs Adult Division
No Gi: Bronze
Gi: Bronze

Dean Arthur
154lbs Adult Division
Gi: Gold
165lbs Adult Division
Gi: Bronze

Luigi Almanzar
143lbs Masters Division
Gi: Gold
No Gi: Silver
143lbs Adult Division
Gi: Silver

Pete McCue
Absolute Gi Expert Division: Bronze

Noah Rosenfield
176lbs Adult Division
No Gi: Gold
Gi: Silver
Absolute Gi Intermediate: Silver

Junxian Wu
165 lbs Adult Division
Gi: Silver

Vitaly Kezlya
165lbs Adult Division
No Gi: Gold
Gi: Bronze

Carlos Cruz
Absolute No Gi Advanced: Silver
Absolute No Gi Intermediate: Silver


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