Steve Maxwell’s Gracie JiuJitsu For A Lifetime Camp at Andersons Martial Arts Academy

Andersons Martial Arts Academy NYC was truly honored and excited to be hosting Steve Maxwells Gracie ‘JiuJitsu For A Lifetime’ Camp.

Don’t worry – camp is here in New York (so no travel), and if you cant make all of the dates, you can attend them individually (read details and day descriptions below). Come and train with the firs American black-belt awarded by the Gracie family in his New York City Home, Andersons Martial Arts Academy.

Check out coach giving some tough love to an Andersons Martial Arts student,

Included In Training:

  • 4-hours daily Jiujitsu and conditioning sessions in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Personal training strategies
  • Mobility & Longevity Strategies
  • Original Gracie Self Defense
  • Skill / belt evaluation when applicable
  • Brazilian JiuJitsu instruction takes place on the AMAA training floor each day.

There is also dedicated workout space and basic equipment on site — in other words, everything needed for an illuminating week of essential, minimalist training and higher-thinking. Steve will present a comprehensive course of classical Gracie jiujitsu, competition-style BJJ, mobility-conditioning, rehabilitation and prehabilitation protocols, and potent strength training each morning until noon.

To learn more about our Gracie JiuJitsu program, overseen by both Sifu Anderson and Clark Gracie, and with guest instructors like Coach/ Professor Steve Maxwell, try out 3 Day Free Trial HERE


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