Re-cap of 2013 & Happy New Year AMAA Family!

Happy Holidays AMAA Family…

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This is Sifu Anderson’s 18th year teaching and running Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy in NYC! Our 18th year wishing our students Happy Holidays. Our 18th year watching all of you grow, develop, accomplish and give back. Our AMAA and now KB family has grown since the first years! Countless students have walked through our doors.

 So, from all of us here at the AMAA family, we truly thank you for your dedication, support, enthusiasm, hard work, friendship, family and all the fun throughout the past year(s). 2013 was a year of goal setting and achieving for all of us, from Sifu and Simo, to the AMAA instructors, the BJJ, Muay Thai and MMA fight teams, the AMAA apprentices, KB gals (and guys) as well as all of the senior and new students! We know that none of us could have accomplished our goals with out the support of our training partners, our AMAA & KB staff, friends, and the entire  AMAA/KB family.

 All of us here at the academy, and especially Sifu Anderson wish you all (past and present students alike) our warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a very happy New Year.

 We are sure that with the continued family dynamic at the academy all of us can reach and accomplish even further in our 2014 goals; from martial arts, to fitness, health and life.

AMAA Holiday Closing Dates…  

As you all know by now, every year AMAA closes between Christmas and New Years.

Remember, we are not a gym, but a learning and development center. Therefore we advocate for all of the AMAA & KB instructors to take time off to spend time with family, as well as reflect on their own goals and training for 2014.

Many of us take the time to organize and prioratise our development for the following year, as well as travel and take time to relect and learn and come back even stronger, smarter and more focused on the AMAA community.

We urge all of our AMAA & KB students to do the same, take the time and spend it with family. Write a goal list as you reflect of the past year. This is important for overall mental health, physical recovery and further development.

Closing Dates:

December 24th – January 2nd 2014

Our last classes will be on Dec 23rd, on regular schedule.

We return to regular schedule on January 2nd.

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