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Sifu Anderson’s ability to demonstrate and relate the arts to everyday individuals, coupled with his extensive background in martial arts, has made him a sought-after expert to work on both film and television projects. Sifu Anderson brings his precise and impeccable vision to fight choreography and stunt coordination that creates unparalleled realism for each endeavor. His media credits include Good Morning America, FightBox TV, CNBC Asia and Europe, Discovery Channel, The History Channel, NBC’s What the Fight, Kung Fu Channel and being named NY1’s New Yorker of the Week.


Sifu Dan Anderson has been used not only because of his expertise, but also for his ability to articulate and relate the arts to everyday individuals, as well as his extensive and diverse knowledge in both the sport, combat, and choreography of Martial Arts.

Dan Anderson’s credits include:

FUEL TV The Bruce Lee Story


  • Expert commentary
  • Demos and choreography

Good Morning America – Morning Show


  • Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy was voted as the top form of fitness in NYC by Thrillist and Good Morning America. Sifu Anderson was invited to the show to demonstrate first hand the versatility and benefits of training MMA.

NY1 New Yorker of the Week


  • Sifu Anderson and Dasha Libin were voted NY1’s New Yorkers of the Week for their free self-defense classes and charity fundraisers.

FightBox TV


  • Documentary on Sifu Anderson and the sport of MMA
  • CNBC Asia & Europe
  • Mixed Martial Arts in 2010 interview with Sifu Anderson



  • “Worst-Case Scenario” expert and tactic instructor

History Channel – Human Weapon Trailer


  • Choreographer
  • Stunt Coordinator
  • Stunt Team Casting / Training
  • Wardrobe Consultant

NBC – What the Fight


  • Choreographer
  • Stunt Coordinator
  • Stunt Team Casting / Training

Kung Fu Channel ID Segments

  • Choreographer
  • Actor