AMAA Instructors

The Greatest Gift A Teacher Can Receive Is The Ability To Pass On The Arts

Sifu Dan Anderson has handpicked his own teaching staff with the greatest attention to detail for both the arts we represent and the diverse community we serve.

Our staff consists of a team of professional martial artists dedicated to providing quality student service. Many of our instructors hold titles and awards from national and international competitions. More importantly, they are passionate about teaching and dedicated to the success of each individual student. Many of our instructors have been with the AMAA family since they began training here almost two decades ago. Others have come to us after reaching their own accomplishments in the arts they teach.

We understand the critical role our instructors play in your personal development, as well as your child’s development. For that reason, we hire only the most professional and highly qualified instructors available.

Est. 1996

Real Lineage
Highest Standard of Quality

25,000 Taught Over 2 Decades

AMAA Instructors

Sije Jénel Stevens

JKD, Muay Thai, Filipino Martial Arts, KB

Sihing Pablo Vasquez

JKD, Filipino Martial Arts
2x World Stickfighting Champion
Assistant Kali Competition Team Coach

Chuck Figuera

JKD, Filipino Martial Arts
Assistant Kali Competition Team Coach


  • Philip Cruz BlackBelt 5th
  • Yeydy De la Cruz BlackBelt 5th
  • Augustus Heisey BlackBelt 4th
  • Chuck Figuruea BlackBelt 4th
  • Pablo Vasquez BlackBelt 4th
  • Jenel Stevens BlackBelt 3rd
  • Gerald Soto BlackBelt 3rd
  • Jim Flynn BlackBelt 2nd
  • Tim Hollenbeck BlackBelt 2nd
  • Henry Watkins BlackBelt 1st
  • Alex Paik BlackBelt 1st
  • Florencio Jacela BlackBelt 1st
  • Jeff Fitzgerald BlackBelt
  • Adam Blake BlackBelt
  • Shawn King BlackBelt
  • Vincent Walker BlackBelt
  • Ryan Bresu BlackBelt
  • Ron Goldstein BlackBelt
  • Darren Asstante BlackBelt
  • Joseph Ortiz BlackBelt
  • Yeydy De la Cruz BlackBelt MT
  • Shawn Ellis BlackBelt MT
  • Jenel Stevens BlackBelt MT
  • Alex Zalunova BlackBelt MT
  • Daniel Ramos BlackBelt MT
  • Joe Sharp BlackBelt MT


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